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Westholme-11.jpgWelcome to the Westholme website and I hope you enjoy reading about our school which provides a first rate education for boys and girls from Nursery through to Sixth Form.

Westholme is a happy, supportive school where every boy and girl is valued for his or her talents and personal qualities. We believe that every pupil in our care has the right to an excellent education and that this extends well beyond the classroom, laboratory, theatre or sports field. Our dedicated staff ensure that every child is encouraged and given the opportunity to succeed; we aim to develop compassion, resilience, self-awareness and independence of thought and spirit.

Every good and successful school provides such an education for its pupils and there are many ways in which this may be done. There is no single pattern or formula for a successful, thriving school.  Academic success has central importance but at Westholme we also promote the development of strong personal attributes, a moral compass, a wider outlook on the world and a true sense of community.  I lead a staff team who are committed and professional in all aspects of their work; they want the very best for our young people, to help them benefit fully from all that Westholme has to offer.

Westholme School is distinctive just as every child is unique. We have our own values and vision of education, of the world around us, of ourselves and of our relationships with our past and our ethos and our future. In recent years, raising standards has quite rightly become an important focus but this should not be a driving aim. Rather this should be a consequence - a consequence of what happens when a school provides a good education, recognising that all children are different and equally valued.

Girls and boys and are taught separately from Year 3 upwards thus ensuring the best of both learning worlds for Westholme youngsters. We foster positive attitudes where learning is fun and this is underpinned by strong commitment to pastoral care ensuring that each child is nurtured and supported throughout their educational journey.

Our values and ethos provide the foundations of a Westholme education and I warmly invite you to come and see this success story for yourselves.

Mrs Lynne M Horner, Principal

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