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Westholme School Fees and Charges

Westholme fees and charges are amongst the lowest in the country and we also demonstrate excellent value for money when comparing our fees/charges with GCSE and Advanced Level examination results.

Fees and charges are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors. Any annual surplus is returned to the School to finance both improvements and bursaries so that a Westholme education remains outstanding and is as widely accessible as possible.

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For information about our bursaries please click here

Please click here for information regarding the Fees Refund Scheme

Please click here for information regarding the Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

For further information please contact the Fees Secretary: feessecretary@westholmeschool.com

Fee invoices are normally payable termly in advance.  If you are interested in paying monthly, please contact School Fee Plan: www.sfpschoolfees.co.uk/Westholme-BB2

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