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The House System


House Activities

On arrival at the Senior School, all pupils and teachers are allocated to one of the four houses - Bowland, Calder, Longridge or Pendle. Each house is led by two House Captains, who are members of the Sixth Form, elected to these roles by the rest of the house and members of staff.

Members of each house meet together for a House Assembly, usually every third Friday and pupils in all years are encouraged to volunteer to lead one of these assemblies.

During the year there are numerous inter-house activities, where competition is fierce but friendly and age is irrelevant as pupils and staff support their house.

House Competitions and Activities

Cross Country Championship - October
Christmas Entertainments - December
Swimming Gala - February
General Knowledge Quiz - February/ March
Hockey Championship - March
Netball Championship - March
Badminton Championship - March
Football Tournament - March / April
Poetry Speaking/Shakespeare Speaking Competition - March / April
Tennis Championship - July
Sports Day - July
Rounders Championship - July

(Pupils also earn House Points for excellence in academic work; outstanding effort; representing the school in the community etc.)

Senior School News

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