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100 Years of Westholme

We are delighted to celebrate our centenary year with a variety of events and warmly invite all friends, past and present to join us in our celebrations. From a series of Alumni Centenary Lunches hosted by Mrs Croston (Principal 1988 – 2013), to a Centenary Ball, Party Night and Centenary Concert, we do hope you can join us celebrate 100 wonderful years of Westholme.

In our 100th year, we are pleased to launch our Centenary Pledge which aims to provide the gift of education for future generations. Through our pledge, we are committed to giving access to a Westholme School education to talented and enthusiastic young people.

The values that were set by our founder, Miss Emily Singleton, are still woven into the fabric of our fantastic school today, contributing to innovative educational excellence in Lancashire and leading the way as the top educational provider. Our commitment is to continue to provide a first-class, holistic education essential for Westholmians to thrive in the 21st century workplace. A spectacular large-scale exhibition has been created to showcase our heritage in the foyer of the Croston Theatre, highlights of which can be viewed in the section below.

Further information about our Celebratory Events, History and Pledge can be found below.

Centenary Events

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join our series of centenary events held throughout 2023 to celebrate our 100th year. They are an opportunity to celebrate all things Westholme with family, friends, and meet fellow Old Westholmians. It will certainly be a year to remember as we look forward to our future.
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Centenary Exhibition - 100 Years of Westholme

In our 100th year, we reflect on the journey of our unique history from inception at 1923 to key milestones in each decade, right up to current day. The core values established in the 1920s still remain to this day. Highlights from each decade can be read here.
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Centenary Pledge

We have taken on the challenge of extending the School’s bursary programme at this pivotal point in the school’s history and are committed to educating talented and enthusiastic young people. Find out how you can support us to provide an opportunity for young people to achieve their ambitions.
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