Developing New Tastes

Health and nutrition are always at the forefront of our catering development here at School and the feedback from students helps to influence our decision making process.

Last week we invited a supplier from Vegetarian Express to come on board for the day to introduce some new and varied vegatarian and vegan choices.  Vegetarian Express are a vegetarian & vegan only supplier who are able to supply new products through our catering company, Thomas Franks.

Joel, from the company, was on hand to show the pupils some healthy examples of plant based proteins, such as; Nochicken, Seitan Bacon, Vegan Sausages and Wow No Peanut Butter.  The  catering team hope to feature some of these products on upcoming menus and taster days, starting with the European Day of Languages  on Thursday.

We look forward to hearing the response from students and staff alike!