A Beardwood Bank Goodbye

Beardwood Bank wish Mrs Griffiths a happy retirement

This morning, Beardwood Bank staff and pupils held a special assembly to mark the retirement of Mrs Griffiths.   Each year group presented her with an array of cards and presents including numerous gifts for her caravan and a beautiful carriage clock that had been purchased with money from staff and parents. Mrs Griffiths told the children to stay determined, to climb to the top of a mountain and achieve your dreams.



As is becoming tradition at Beardwood Bank, the children performed a special ”˜Mrs Griffiths’ song, to the tune of Grandstand. As we all know, the girls affectionately call Mrs Griffiths ‘Mrs G’ which we think means Mrs Great.   What a great finish to a great assembly for a great lady!


Mrs Griffiths would like to say a huge thank you to staff and parents with all the lovely presents and all the time spent in making the superb messages from all the girls, very ably helped by their teachers! She will miss you all.