A Billinge House Goodbye

Infant School staff and pupils say goodbye to Mrs Bolton and Miss Byrom

Staff and pupils said a fond farewell to Mrs Bolton and Mis Byrom in a special assembly earlier today.

Each year group had set them a number of challenges they both had to complete. Children in Pre-School suggested they do a ‘Toddle Waddle Challenge’ which saw them dress up as ducks and waddle around the hall to the tune ‘The Birdy Song’! Reception classes set them a ‘Trike Challenge’, so off they rode, on their trikes (which were way too small for them!) to the Rocky theme.

IMG 2007
Thinking that they couldn’t be any more tricks up the children’s sleeves, they soon found themselves to be taking part in a ‘Spelling Challenge’ to the ‘Countdown’ tune, expertly arranged by Year One. There were some tricky words that challenged them for certain! Finally, Year Two had devised an I’m a Celebrity Food Challenge. Here, both teachers had to train their brain to like something they actually don’t like to eat! They had to eat – Sunshine Crunch (a little sandwich made from cheese and onion cheddars, mustard, haribo sweets and extra extra hot piri piri sauce), Cool Salad! (served on a lettuce leaf with pickled onion, marmite, cucumber, horseraddish and topped off with chilli flakes), washed down with ‘Pond Life Cocktail (juiced spinach, carrot, pineapple and apple mixed with tapioca pudding) and finally dessert was a ‘Do you do eclair!’ (this was tasted with apprehension but enjoyed once they realised that it was in fact a NORMAL eclair with no secret ingredient!!)

IMG 2019

 Both Mrs Bolton and Miss Byrom were great sports and the children judged them to have successfully completed each challenge. The assembly finished with the presentation of cards and gifts from the parents, children and staff from Nursery, Pre-School, Reception, Year One and Year Two. Everyone at Westholme wishes you the very best for the future!

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