A cheesy morning!

Home Economics students visit Dewlay Cheese Factory

The Year 10 Home Economics class enjoyed a lovely morning at Dewlay cheese factory in Garstang. They learnt about how Cheese is made and how the factory mass produces a range of delicious cheeses that are sold all around the world. Students discovered that the factory is very environmentally friendly; using their own wind turbine to produce electricity and giving waste whey to a local farm to feed their pigs.

dewlay 2015 001

The group found it fascinating to watch the curds and whey separating as well as the workers cutting and stirring the cheese by hand. They were able to watch conveyor belts moving the cheese along the production line, presses in action, butter being packed in sausage shapes and cheeses being vacuum packed.

The students were able to sample a range of different cheeses and decided that their favourite was the creamy Lancashire. A couple of students were brave enough to try a strong blue cheese and even enjoyed it!

dewlay 2015 004

Charlie Melling was the star of the trip. She knew that Mozzarella cheese was the most popular cheese in the world! (no other Dewlay visitor has ever guessed that first time!) She even volunteered to dress up in the cheese factory workers uniform to pose with Daisy the cow!

dewlay 2015 014

A super cheesy morning was had by all!

Joke of the trip…
What did the magician say when he pulled a block of cheese out of his hat?
Answer: Cheddaaarrr!