A Day At Westholme

Experiencing challenging subjects 

Today we welcomed Year 6 pupils from Whalley Primary School to experience some of the subjects we offer at Westholme.

The children kick-started their day in the Physics Department where they braved the rain to experiment with water rockets and they were certainly not put off by the wet weather! The children were then tasked with GCSE English questions to stretch and challenge their minds.

IMG 0819 IMG 0822 IMG 0835

After lunch they headed into EPR where they learnt about Pūjā – a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to host, honour and worship. They then finished their enrichment day learning to speak Mandarin.

IMG 0851  IMG 0864 IMG 0860

The pupils were stretched and challenged in all the subjects and more importantly had a fun time at Westholme!

We would like to thank our visitors from Whalley for their wonderful manners and behaviour and the teachers at Westholme for hosting such an enjoyable day.

IMG 0827