A Day trip to Clitheroe Castle

The Reception classes visit Clitheroe Castle.

The children in Reception were really excited on the day they went to Clitheroe castle. Their journey began with the coach ride. On arrival, they discovered they had to walk up a very big hill! There was much excitement when everyone spotted the castle at the top of it.

During the day, they were taught how to make turrets and build their very own castle (out of sand!) They also learnt about a moutte and bailey.

Exploring the Castle proved to be very interesting for them – it was over 800 years old, so it came as no surprise when they found a very big hole in the wall! The children also had the chance to stand in the cellar which they found to be dark and spooky. 

A great day was had by all and they learnt lots about castles.

To view the Clitheroe Castle Gallery, please click on the following link