A Dr visits Reception!

Reception children listen to a special talk

This term in Reception, the children have been working on the topic ‘Busy Workers.’

IMG 1781

They have been thinking about the different sorts of jobs that people do. To help them with this topic, Dr Chowdhury visited Reception to tell the children all about her work as a Doctor.

She brought with her lots of interesting equipment such as a stethoscope, an ear thermometer, an earscope and some bandages. The children enjoyed trying out the special equipment with their friends; they were able to listen to their friend’s heart beats and to check temperatures.

IMG 1801 IMG 1786

Dr Chowdhury also talked about how to stay healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and taking regular exercise.

IMG 1804 IMG 1807

The children thoroughly enjoyed Dr Chowdhury’s visit and many of them even said that they would like to be a Doctor when they grow up! Thank you, Dr Chowdhury, for taking the time to speak to our children.

IMG 1790