A step back in time

Year 2 enjoy a day of learning outside the classroom

Children in Year 2 were excited to visit Staircase House Museum to learn more about the Great Fire of London. For full effect, they even dressed up in urchin costumes!

IMG 1542 IMG 1582

On arrival, children were split into groups and dressed up as Samuel Pepys, King Charles II and Jane the Maid as they explored the house looking at Samuel’s bedroom, his kitchen and the cellar.


They also helped to make a fire chain and put out the fire and discovered what Samuel Pepys buried in his garden. Another highlight was when they all joined in to sing London’s burning and London Bridge is falling down.


Later in the afternoon the children learnt how houses were made in 1666 and used the wattle and daub technique to make their own houses. Then they learnt about the plague and had a visit from the plague doctor before making their own cures from natural herbs and spices.


Everyone really enjoyed the day and it was a wonderful end to a fascinating topic. Thank you to Miss Greenwood, Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Derbyshire for accompanying Year 2 on the trip. 

IMG 1512 IMG 1508