A Trip to MOSI

An interactive day of learning

Year 2 visited the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) today for an exciting day of learning outside the classroom.

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First of all, they explored the space hall and were fascinated by the different forms of air transport. Next, they had a very interesting talk on how bicycles have developed throughout the years and learnt all about cogs and gears. When they went to explore the experiment room, they enjoyed attempting to lift a MINI and had fun trying to work out various puzzles; even the teachers couldn’t build a pyramid out of tennis balls!

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After lunch, Sir Isaac Newton explained all about gravity and the forces required to fly. Mrs Barrett displayed her unknown skill of parachute jumping which the children were very impressed by – not a hair on her head was out of place when she finished!

Everyone enjoyed this extremely informative trip and they can’t wait to continue learning about their current topic, ‘Move’.