A Walk for Charity

Walking from West Bradford to Westholme!

Year 5 student, Leah Oates-Readett, is undertaking a mammoth charity event later this year. In September, Leah will walk from West Bradford to Westholme Junior School to raise money for a charity that is close to her heart. Leah explains in her own words, below:

“I am walking a 15 mile route from West Bradford to Westholme, Blackburn in support of the Manchester Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre (MACFC) at Wythenshawe Hospital because my Dad has to go there a lot for treatment and they help him so much and are always kind and make all of us (including my cheeky little brother) feel very welcome. They are all so committed to their work and I appreciate everything they do to help my dad.

I’m doing the walk to and from places beginning with ‘W’ like ‘Wythenshawe’ and 15 miles is a big challenge for me because I’m not keen on walking and I’ll do it whatever the weather!

If you can spare even a small amount to sponsor me I’d be very grateful as I really want to say thank you to the CF unit, to make money for new things on the unit that may make life easier for the other patients that have to stay there regularly and I want to make my Dad proud.

Thank you very much.”

If anyone would like to sponsor Leah, please follow the link below:


Leah1 Leah2

Leah in training, pictured above.