An Action Packed Day

Learning about cold conditions

Year 1 have enjoyed an action packed ‘Polar Explorer’ day. The wintery weather added to the day as they welcomed an ‘explorer’ for a question and answer session. The explorer spoke to the children about expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic and showed them essential equipment.

IMG 3319 IMG 3326

The children learned about surviving in very cold conditions and were able to talk about clothing, shelters, food, drinks, cooking and safety (including a survival blanket). Following the visit, Year 1 wrapped up and ventured out to Discovery Dell, where they made a shelter using a tarpaulin and learned how to use a waterproof sheet for warmth. A welcome break with cups of hot orange ensured that everyone stayed warm.

IMG 1774 IMG 1775 IMG 1778

The children then watched a video clip of another polar explorer (Antony Jinman) who talked about the importance of layering up. Eager to continue with the day, Year 1 took part in an orienteering exercise, whereby they located 10 famous explorers. Finally, they got to taste explorer food – vegetable hotpot, Kendal mint cake and hot chocolate.

IMG 3317 

IMG 1780

A fantastic day was had by all and Year 1 have certainly left with a wealth of knowledge about polar explorers and expeditions.