AJIS Athletics

AJIS Athletics

After what seemed like weeks of solid rain, the sun came out to play for the AJIS Athletics in Manchester. We have a saying in Africa that if it rains then it is a blessing. Surely the opposite must apply here in the UK? Time would tell for our athletes.

Things got off to the best possible start, with Adeena winning her heat in the hurdles and qualifying for the final. This took place straight afterwards. Could Adeena do it again? Yes she could! She won and took the first GOLD medal of the meeting. Wow, what a start!

Everyone ran, jumped and threw their hardest. Some great performances in the heats but not enough to make any more finals. Harry finished 4th in the long jump, Eve 2nd in  her long distance race, Nicole 2nd in her sprint. Sadly though no more medals were to be had for us.

However, it was a fantastic experience for all who took part, competing against the best the North West has to offer.

Well done team!

Team Adeena, Nicole, Ayesha, Ella, Daisy-Mae, Eve, Willa, Evie, Harriet, Mariela, Harry, Zain, Leighton, Harry, Jack, Neel.

Report – Mr Barnett