AJIS Sportshall

Year 5 & 6 pupils take part in AJIS Indoor Sportshall event

On Tuesday 4th February Year 5 & 6 boys and girls took part in the AJIS Indoor Sportshall event which was once again hosted by Westholme at Robin Park, Wigan.

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The event was attended by a number of other AJIS schools who all gathered in the Robin Park Sportshall to create a fantastic atmosphere. The day ran on a carousel of field and track events ranging from vertical jump and javelin to chest push and obstacle relay races. A fantastic variety of sporting events and a high standard of competing teams made for a great day.

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All pupils gave so much effort in every event they took part in and over 20 records were broken!

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A special mention should go to all our medalists:

Aasiya Khanjra – Gold in Speed Bounce
Freddie Pickford – Bronze in Speed Bounce
William Backhouse – Gold in Balance
Ryan Thomas – Bronze in Soft Javelin
Freya Tembe, Sophie Waddicor, Aasiya Khanjra & Molly Moore – Silver in the Obstacle Relay

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Thank you to all schools who competed, it really was a wonderful day.

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