Amazing Athletes!

Success at the BPS Athletics

Many of our Junior School athletes were in action last night at the BPS Athletics event, held last night at Witton Park. Some amazing performances ensured that we came away with an array of medals:


Year 6 700m 1st place – Hollie Cubbon
Year 6 80m 1st place – Aisha Sykes
Year 6 Triple Jump 1st place – Ruby Williams
Year 6 80m Shuttle Relay 1st place – Ruby Williams, Aisha Sykes, Hollie Cubbon, Kate Deegan, Amy Dixon
Year 6 Rounders Ball Throw 1st place – Amy Dixon
Year 6 Long Jump 2nd place – Lola Baron
Year 5 80m 2nd place – Kate Deegan

SAM 3041 SAM 3037


Year 6 Long Jump 1st place – Flynn Weller
Year 6 80m 3rd place – Finlay Testa
Year 6 80m Shuttle Relay 3rd place – Finlay Testa, Flynn Weller, Robert Avent, Alexander Galiatsatos
Year 3/4 400m 2nd place – Jonathan Brindle

SAM 3038 SAM 3042

More photos to follow!