An Interesting Visitor

Year 6 learn about the importance of being healthy

Current parent, Mrs Moore, who is a trained nurse, came into school to speak to Year 6 girls about eating in a healthy way, as part of their science topic.

She told the children that we all have a responsibility to look after our mental and our physical health. The girls decided that keeping their bodies healthy means not eating food that is bad for them, or too much food. They should also not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs which they are not supposed to.


Mrs Moore showed everyone the ‘Eatwell’ plate, which was split into 5 groups: vegetables and fruit, carbohydrates, dairy, meat/fish and foods high in fat or sugar.


One of the many interesting activities was to put foods into categories: foods we should eat every day, foods we should often eat and foods we should eat only occasionally. Some people realised that they don’t always make healthy choices!

They learned a lot of interesting facts and really enjoyed the visit. Thank you, Mrs Moore for giving up your time.