Animal Antics

A trip to Blackpool Zoo

The children in Reception have had a wonderful time at Blackpool Zoo today. They took part in a workshop to find out more about penguins and had the opportunity to handle items of interest such as a flamingo egg shell and real penguin feathers! They then watched the live feeding of the penguins. Afterwards the children had chance to meet the orangutans and found one particularly friendly individual, named ‘Vicky’, who smiled at them showing all her teeth!

IMG 0069 IMG 0079 IMG 0107

IMG 0121 IMG 0129

The highlight of the day was watching the sea lion show in which the zookeeper demonstrated the many talents of these intelligent animals. Reception couldn’t believe the sea lions could balance basket balls on their nose! Everybody enjoyed their lunch and in the afternoon they saw the tigers, lions and giraffes. Following a play on the park the children travelled back to school. Everybody had a fantastic time!

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