Animal Magic!

Wellybobs Petting Zoo visits Nursery & Pre-School children

The children from Nursery and Pre-School had an extra special treat last week when the staff and animals from Wellybobs Petting Zoo came to Billinge House for the morning.

Animals included “Dave” the Shetland Pony, “Latte” the Alpaca, “Rosie” the Goat and “Katie” the pig.

The children were able to enter the corral to get really close to the animals. They fed the goat and stroked the Alpaca’s lovely thick coat.

Then they had a chance to groom the Shetland Pony, using a “curry comb”, which Dave seemed to really enjoy!

Along with all of this, they also held a Rabbit and a Guinea Pig which they all enjoyed cuddling.

At the end of the session, the children all washed their hands with the special soap and gel that the Wellibobs team brought with them.


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