Assembly Awards

Awards galore at the Boys’ Junior School Assembly

This morning in assembly, a number of awards were handed out to boys who had achieved something during their school life this week. Below is a  photo of the boys and a list of awards that were handed out – well done to everyone.

Maths Challenge
George Horsfield – Gold, Thomas Marlor – Silver, Shuresh Ghanbari-Saheli – Bronze, Imran Khan – Bronze, Joseph Shield – Bronze, Mahmood Hussain – Certificate, Finnian Gateley – Certificate, Hamza Baig – Certificate and Tom Dixon – Certificate

French – Pupil of the month
Abhay Manikanti – 3M
Zaid Ahmed – 4M
Karim Majid – 5M
Thomas Marlor – 6M

Headteacher Awards

Karim Majid – Anne Boleyn project
Ben Rooney – Anne Boleyn project

Ilhaan Roker – Mathletics Gold

Harry Deegan – Fruit bats project
Jake Marlor – Red Panda project
Freddie Pickford – Giraffes project
Aryman Garg – Snakes project
Hasan Majid – Llamas project

AJIS Swimming

5M                                                                                                             6M
Muhammad Patel                                                             Joseph Shield
Alfie Jones                                                                                    George Horsfield
Dominic Naylor                                                                     Tom Dixon
James Hartley                                                                         Thomas Marlor                                                                                            
Ben Rooney                                                                                 Harrison Holden
Joseph McGurk                                                                     Shuresh Ghanbari-Saheli