A tree-mendous nativity

Baubles tells the story of a school, where the excitement levels are building in the lead up to Christmas.

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It’s clear to Mr Potts, the caretaker, that something may have been overlooked. Assisted by some helpful mice, he sets to work creating beautiful baubles for the bare Christmas and along the way, he helps the children to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

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The children took to the stage in the Croston Theatre, and the audience were guided through the story with word perfect narrators who spoke confidently to a packed theatre. Year 2 pupils took on the lead character roles brilliantly – the moody donkey, the directionally challenged kings and the sheep that sleeps through an angelic visit to name but a few, had the audience entranced. Their Year 1 friends assisted them superbly which added extra sparkle to the performance.

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Congratulations to everyone involved – it was a truly great performance.