Bill Bryson Chemistry Competition

Researching applications for Chemistry in Sport


The Westholme Chemistry students have been preparing for the Bill Bryson Competition.   A few year ago the popular travel author had a revelation and realised that he ”˜didn’t know the first thing about the only planet I was ever going to live on’  and so he set off to find out!   His competition now encourages pupils to do the same – this year focusing on researching an application of Chemistry in Sport.

Westholme’s Year 10 pupils have risen to this challenge wonderfully.   With the upcoming Olympics, many girls produced fantastic summaries of the Chemistry behind athletes’ nutrition and training techniques.   However, topics as diverse as how swimmers deal with chlorine allergies, how inflatable horse riding jackets can minimise spinal injuries and the Chemistry that keeps the Olympic flame alight have all been tackled in an informative and engaging manner.