BIMA Day at Westholme

GCSE Computer Science students learn about digital careers


Westholme’s GCSE Computer Science students participated in the BIMA event which was organised by Mr Worden and industry expert Michael Cain from local digital media company TwentyOne based at Eanam Wharf in Blackburn.  The event involved all GCSE Computing students with support from a selection of A Level ICT volunteers.  Students learned about a variety of digital careers including social media managers, web designers, graphic designers, marketing experts, junior digital roles, freelancing, game programming, mobile app programming – to name but a few! Michael Cain gave students expert advice both in a practical and a career sense.


Students were split into four teams of four with two A Level ICT students mentoring each team. Two teams chose to design and plan out a new mobile phone application. The other two teams chose to design and plan out a new social media campaign for a new fashion brand.

Team one came up with a great mobile application idea named ‘Tipsy Text.’ The app is aimed at young professionals and is designed to prevent them from sending social media and text messages to people when they have alcohol in their system. The goal was to prevent professionals from acting unprofessionally.  Team two came up with a new app idea called ‘Food Me.‘ This was a clever idea aimed at young mothers with families and very little time. The app would allow food to be ordered and beamed to a member of the family without going to the fridge. However, restrictions would be in place to prevent excessive amounts of calories being ordered, therefore lending itself to healthy eating regimes. The app would also allow the user to upload the details of the contents of their fridge to social media sites for others to suggest suitable recipes related to the ingredients available. Team three came up with a social media ad campaign for a new fashion label named ‘Play & Pose.’ The campaign was aimed at young females in need of reasonably priced dresses and accessories for special occasions. The idea was to use celebrities and social media sites like Twitter to promote the brand and appeal to females looking for prom dresses, bridesmaid outfits etc. that could be used more than once. Team four developed a social media ad campaign whose target market included pregnant women in search of suitable, reasonably-priced, yet fashionable maternity wear. The label was called ‘Soul Survivors.’ The campaign involved Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as methods for promoting their brand and idea via celebrity endorsement.


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the first ever computer science day of this type at Westholme.  We hope there will be many more to come!


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