Biology Challenge

Year 10 Biology students’ awards in the Biology Challenge

This annual, national competition, organised by the Society of Biology is open to Year 10 students.   This year there were 30,000 entrants.   The students completed multiple choice questions online, testing all areas of their Biology knowledge.

Congratulations to the following girls on their achievements:

Gold Awards

Paasha Ahmed

Katie Goodier

Sophie Hodson

Sophie Kirkpatrick


Silver Awards

Olivia Gibson

Ruth Hodson

Megan Holden

Hui-Ling Phillips

Izzy Potts


Bronze Awards

Amelia Blow

Kirsty Dutton

Saara Mulla

Saadiyah Secretary

Florrie Slater

Sally Yates


Highly Commended

Kate Berry

Brittany Clarke

Tabitha Cross

Emma Dean

Evie Jones

Shakira Kempson

Hannah Patel

Shadia Patel

Beckie Wignall

Sarah Wilkinson



Olivia Ball

Gillian Ballan

Helen Cunane

Molly Jackson

Rashmi Makaram

Sophie Page