Biology Week 2019

Biology week activities have been enjoyed by many students and staff.

The Biology quiz is still ongoing, with tough competition between the forms in each year group.  Results will be announced and prizes and house points will be awarded next week

Students have been excited about extracting their DNA from their cheek cells and wearing it in a specially designed necklace.  We all know that our DNA makes us who and what we are, so being able to extract it and see it gets a ‘wow! ‘ response from everyone.  Younger students enjoyed a ‘sensory circus’ at this week’s Junior Science club.  They were given a number of biological specimens to identify using either touch or smell or taste.

Our own students and many visitors enjoyed visiting the Biology labs during our Open Evening.  The dissections of lamb’s heart and lungs and a rat were extremely popular, particular with the Year 5 and 6 children.  Testing food for different nutrients and viewing onion, pondweed and their own cheek cells also fascinated the visitors.

Since last July, our pet goldfish Dumbledore has been on his own in the fish tank in room 39.  We now have 3 new goldfish with him and look forward to finding them new names from our competition, which is still ongoing!

Next year’s Biology week will see the return of our biennial Biology Bake-off, so start thinking and planning your biological cake.