Biology Week

The science of life 

This year, students from Senior School took part in a number of events to celebrate Biology Week, organised by the Royal Society of Biology.

A number of fun events were organised by the Biology department and enjoyed by many. Monday’s mini challenge asked about the winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and their research on Circadian Rhythms. Saahil Ahmed and Anna Heeley, both in Year 10, gave the best responses to this challenge; they both understood the importance of the discovery and the implications to our health.

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On Wednesday, students took part in a survey to find out if they have a regular sleep routine and how this may affect their tiredness and absence from school due to illness. It was interesting to note that, on the whole, students who did not have a regular sleep routine were more tired during the day and had more absences from school. This information formed part of Thursday’s assembly, along with more details about the findings and implications of the discoveries made by the Nobel Prize winners.

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Today, more than 20 students from Year 10 and above attended a talk by Dr Bux, giving them an insight into a career in Medicine. He gave them valuable advice about entry requirements to University, career choices within Medicine and his job as a GP.

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Students and staff had the opportunity to make a necklace containing their own DNA that they extracted from their cheek cells. This demonstrates that, although DNA is an extremely narrow molecule (2nm or 2 thousand millionth of a metre wide), we have a lot in each of our cells (in total, more than 1m in length) and we can extract enough for it to be visible!

We look forward to next year’s Biology Week, look out for the annual Biology quiz next term.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Biology department for providing educational activities and also to Dr Bux for taking time out to come and share his knowledge with our students.

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