BMI Beardwood Hospital

Year 1 pupils walked to the BMI Beardwood Hospital to enjoy a morning of interactive learning today when they visited Beardwood Hospital as part of their topic on Ourselves and Our Bodies.

First, the nurse put a magic hand gel on the children’s hands. When they put their hands under the special lamp, it showed where any germs appeared. The nurse then took them all to wash their hands and showed them the best way to do this. They all rubbed and scrubbed their hands until the bubbles in the soap were visible before rinsing them and drying them off. They were amazed when they placed their hands back under the lamp; some parts of their hands were clean but others still showed a few germs here and there. After this session, all of the children knew how important it was to wash their hands well so that all of the germs are killed off.

The children enjoyed looking at the CT Scanner learnt about the way the CT Scanner works. They were amazed to learn that the machine can take up to 1000 pictures in 10 seconds and even saw scans of a packet of custard creams! Mrs Milnes volunteered to lie on the scanner bed so that the children could see how it moves through the scanner.

A very informative and exciting morning! Thank you to the staff at BMI Beardwood Hospital for their time and enthusiasm.