Book Buzz!

Our aim is to encourage a reading for pleasure culture at Westholme School which will last a lifetime!

To inspire our students with the delight of reading for pleasure, Westholme School once again selected Year 8 pupils to be included in Bookbuzz 2018!

During English lessons in the LRC pupils were shown a DVD of 15 carefully selected authors talking about their published books. Writers such as Neil Gaiman, Katherine Rundell and Rick Riordan introduced their new publications enthusiastically in order to win the students’ affections. Pupils then heard from students from different schools who had already read the books. They offered a ‘review’ to help students make their final decision.

Research shows that allowing students to choose their reading material increases the likelihood that they will engage more in reading. Reading for pleasure has a dramatic impact on educational outcomes.

Everyone waited in anticipation and last week the huge box of brand new books arrived and each student received their chosen book to read, take home and keep!

We want to broaden students’ reading and encourage them to try different genres and authors.  Some of the students are pictured having just received their book choice.