Westholme students celebrate their love of literature

Children at the Infant and Junior School sites enjoyed celebrating a whole week of activities focussed around The Big Read. Throughout the week, different classes at the Junior School had fun reading to their friends at the Infant School. They also had fun talking about their favourite books.

IMG 8710 IMG 8865

Today, all children had a wonderful time when they dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. Many characters could be seen parading through the corridors of both school sites. Some popular choices at the Junior School as ever, were Harry Potter, Where’s Wally, Mr Messy and Mary Poppins.

IMG 8947 IMG 8949

The theme of Alice in Wonderland had been selected at the Infant School and it was fabulous to see children dressed up as The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and Alice herself; staff also joined in the fun!

IMG 8890 IMG 8883

A wonderful lunch, prepared by the amazing catering teams was enjoyed by everyone – Infant School children attended a very special Mad Hatters Tea Party whilst children at the Junior School had a ‘Revolting Recipes’ Roald Dahl themed lunch. Some lucky children even had a special golden ticket taped underneath their plate – those who did, won a bag of sweets!

IMG 8923

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Other celebrations to mark World Book Day included a treasure hunt, held at Senior School where students had to follow clues and solve some tiebreaker questions in a bid to become one of the winning forms.

Westholmers of all ages really have had a wonderful week celebrating their love of literature.