Buddhism Study Day

EPR students’ Year 10 Buddhism Day


On 2nd October, Year 10 EPR pupils were given the opportunity to meet and question Buddhists to help deepen their understanding of this religion that they study in their GCSE Religious Studies course. We travelled to the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre in Preston to spend time with Gama, a Buddhist nun who gave us an insight into the Buddhist way of life. She left us with many questions to think about after her philosophical reflection on the ‘mind’ and the sense of ‘no-self’. Armani Welsby commented: “This has really made me reconsider life!”.

In the afternoon pupils entered a group forum where they sat in discussion with lay Buddhists who had come to express their views on the ethical issues that raise many questions in the GCSE course such as: Why is life sacred? How do pacifist beliefs affect attitudes to others? What is the aim of punishment?