Buddhist Experience

EPR students visit the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre

On Friday, Year 10 EPR pupils travelled to the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre in Preston to spend time with Buddhists from the local community, to help deepen their understanding of this faith which they study in their GCSE Religious Studies course.

Photo 7

Pagpa, a Buddhist monk gave them an insight into the Buddhist way of life by explaining the karmic effects of our actions and what the journey to Enlightenment is like. He also led a meditation session to give pupils the chance to experience this important Buddhist practice for themselves. It left the group feeling peaceful and gave them an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of taking time out to focus on liberating the mind of daily distractions.

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In the afternoon pupils entered a group forum where they sat in discussion with lay Buddhists who had come to express their views on the ethical issues that raise many questions in the GCSE course such as: Why is there suffering? Is there a meaning and purpose to life? Why can changing your perspective on the world be beneficial?

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Pupils remarked, that having had the opportunity to engage with practitioners of Buddhism, they felt that they could see why Buddhism, as a way of life, gives people an enriching path to seek.