Budding Biologists

Year 10 students compete in a national biology competition

The annual National Biology Competition open to Year 10 students is organised by the Society of Biology. This year the competition had around 33,000.

Our top biologists completed multiple choice questions online, testing all areas of Biology, including topics not on the GCSE syllabus.

IMG 0415
Congratulations to the following girls:

Katie Barrie and Fallon Hargreaves

Highly Commended
Emily Burke, Annie – Rose Pickup and Freya Timcke

Bronze Awards (top 15% nationally)
Helena Bilsborough, Katriona Privonitz-Smith and Charlotte Sumner

Silver Award (top 10% nationally)
Eleanor Brooks, Eilidh Campbell and Sally Ralphson

Gold Award (top 5% nationally)
Stephanie Hannah