Canadian Letters

French Trip participants receive an interesting letter

During the Junior School French trip last October Year 5 & 6 children visited Vimy Ridge and laid a wreath at a small Canadian cemetery there.

IMG 0277

Rod Helpard, a Royal Canadian Naval officer, saw their wreath and assumed it was from a Canadian School. He managed to find Westholme’s contact details and has sent a very interesting and moving email. Please see an excerpt below:

“I was very moved when I saw this lone wreath sitting on the cenotaph in the lower cemetery. I don’t know what precipitated the placement, whether an individual or class visit, or what have you, but I was struck with emotion, just knowing the next generations are continuing to learn about, remember and appreciate the sacrifices the generations before us made for our behalf.”

IMG 0279

The students were all surprised and pleased that he had contacted them and he agreed that they could send some letters to him, telling him about their experience.

IMG 9915

They are looking forward to hearing back from him in the future.