Capturing a Moment in Time – literally!

On Tuesday we undertook the exciting task of sealing a time capsule in the main corridor wall that is currently under construction for our brand new Prep School. Principal Dr Robson and Mrs Barnett, Head of the Prep School, visited the site at Wilmar Lodge along with students who will be coming there permanently from September.

Before sealing the time capsule, they had the chance to meet some of the construction crew and inspect just how far the building work has come on since it started in July.

For the occasion, both children and staff were consulted on what should put in the capsule. Along with some contents that survived from the two time capsules that were dug up from Billinge House (buried in 1998 and 2003 respectively), we also included:

A Prefect badge

A House Captain, Form and Vice badge

A school tie


A copy of a newspaper published on Tuesday

A mask and our COVID Risk Assessment

Percy Pigs

A mobile phone

Flyers publishing the build of our Prep School

A copy of the School Prospectus

The Radio Times

A Westholme Badge and some chocolate!

There were happy smiling faces from the students who were in attendance as they became part of their own history! It was an exciting adventure for all involved, and a landmark event in the building our brand new Prep School.

We can’t wait for all 4 – 18 Westholme students to be located on the same site by September 2022. We are well and truly looking forward to the future at Westholme School!