Challenging Mind and Body

Year 6 trip to Beardwood Hospital

This morning Year 6 children visited the Physiotherapy department at BMI The Beardwood Hospital to attend an informative and action packed workshop as part of their science curriculum.

IMG 1873  IMG 1889

The children initially participated in physical activities to test their core muscles and their quadriceps. Shortly after, the children’s knowledge about the muscles of the human body was challenged in a fun and interactive quiz.

IMG 1882  IMG 1888

Over in the conference room, the children were shown a detailed Power Point presentation that provided information about MRI scans, muscles of the body, the work of radiologists and the importance of warming up before sport. The morning finished with a brief question and answer session with the children keen to share their knowledge of the muscles of the human body.

IMG 1891

Many thanks to all the staff at BMI The Beardwood Hospital for sharing their expertise with pupils and providing such a wonderful learning experience. Many of the children have certainly been inspired to become physiotherapists and radiologists of the future!