Charity & Community

This week we have seen two lovely examples of community spirit that have been shown by two children in Infants.

Our first example is of a pupil who has been spending time helping her local environment. Elodie (pictured above with her brother and sister), in Year 2, was inspired by her topic on the environment and has taken an Eco mission upon herself. Every few days throughout the Easter holidays, she took her daily exercise by walking or cycling to the River Ribble (1-2km away) and then collecting lots and lots of rubbish.

Elodie has then been helping her family sort it into material that can and cannot be recycled before distributing that which can be into recycling bins before bin day.

Secondly, we have seen Arabella in Reception helping her mum take weekly shopping to their nearest neighbours who are 89 and 82.

Last Friday, while passing the shopping to them over the stile into her garden, Jean, their lovely neighbour tripped and fell. Whilst her mum went to help, Arabella took it upon herself to run home and get more help. What a superstar! Arabella was sensible at all times and remained socially distanced whilst her mum and nana helped Jean (who I know you will be pleased to hear is doing well).

What can you do to support our community? Please tell us what you have been up to.

In our newsletter of 24th April, we shared with you that, along with Broughton High School, we had been making and supplying protective face masks to many hospitals, health centres and nursing homes. Today, we were delighted to receive a certificate and letter recognising our efforts.