Christianity and Buddhism Study Day

EPR students visit the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre as part of their GCSE studies

On Monday 1st October the Year 10 EPR students were given the opportunity to meet and question a Christian and a Buddhist monk to help deepen their understanding of the two religions that they study in their GCSE Religious Studies course.

In the morning the group travelled to the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre in Preston to spend time with Pagpa, a Buddhist monk and long-time friend of Westholme.   He gave the students an insight into the Buddhist way of life: one of peace, compassion and dedication to non-violent practices.   Pupils then entered a group forum where they sat in discussion with monks and nuns who had come to express their views on the ethical issues that raise many questions in the GCSE course.

The afternoon was spent back in school for an afternoon with Father John, a Franciscan monk.   He educated the girls about the man he had chosen to follow and dedicate his life to emulating: St Francis.   They learned about the importance of stewardship in a world where the environment is at risk and had the opportunity to ask Father John about his Christian lifestyle and his work at the Thomas Project in Blackburn.