Christmas Party Time!

From Pre-School to Year 6 Westholme children enjoytheir Christmas parties!

During the course of this week, many parties have been held from Pre-School through to Year 6.  


Games have been played including musical chairs and pass the parcel and forfeits have been done with some pupils having to laugh like Father Christmas and others gargling with a glass of water to the theme of ”˜Jingle Bells’.


As always, with parties, dancing was the main theme throughout – the huge dance craze ”˜Gangnam Style’ was a hit with the Juniors and for the younger pupils Taz entertained them with more dancing and fun party games.



It has been a great week of fun at Westholme – many thanks to all the staff who have helped organise all of the parties.




We now wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.