Climbing Day

After rainy forecasts all week, 12 adventurous students set off in warm clothes and waterproofs, for a day out climbing on real Lancashire gritstone.

After a 20 minute walk through beautiful ancient woodland, they reached the crag in glorious sunshine! Ropes were rigged up on various sections for students to have a go, and they were taught how to tie in to the end of the rope, belay each other, check they were safe, with carabiners and harnesses all fastened correctly.

They then set off to try to reach the top of the climbs. Some were faced with blank looking rock faces with seemingly no holds and some got themselves wedged into good cracks; some strong students even attempted overhangs. The sun got hotter and hotter and everyone really pushed themselves physically and mentally.

An explore and paddle down the stream after lunch, along with seeing students mixing across the year groups so beautifully, topped off a glorious day. When we get comments of ‘can’t we just camp and stay the whole weekend’ you know the trip has been a success.

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