Clitheroe Castle visit

quiz night

Reception enjoy a trip to Clitheroe Castle

The Reception classes have been learning about Castles this term.


Each class has been busy making their own non-fiction book. They have written facts, captions and labels to share information about castles.  They also learnt the names of the different parts of a castle such as the drawbridge, the portcullis and the moat.


To help  them with their topic  they visited Clitheroe Castle. The guides gave  them a tour and  they enjoyed exploring the grounds. They found out that the castle is over 800 years old;  they couldn’t believe how thick the stone walls were!  The children  were able to make  their own models of a Motte and Bailey castle using sand and lollipop sticks.


Back at school they enjoyed linking  their work on castles to Book Week.  They have read a range of fairy tales and acted out different stories in  their castle role play areas.