Colne Speech Festival

Westholmers clean up at the Colne Speech Festival

The Colne Speech Festival took place recently, and true to form, many of the awards went to Westholme children.

The results were as follows:

Verse Speaking Age 7-9
1st – Hannah Berry, 2nd Anna Putland and 3rd Hamaad Choudry

Verse Speaking 6 and under
2nd – Maya Pickford, 3rd Grace Berry and Sohpie Gibson


                                                                                                                                Maya, Sophie and Grace

Verse Speaking 10-12
1st – Emily Berry, 2nd Rabia Karim

Acting 10-13
1st – Emily Berry

Own Poem Writing
1st – Emily Berry

Story Telling
1st – Emily Berry, 2nd Zaahidah Patel


                                                                                                                      Anna, Rabia, Emily, Zaahidah and Hannah

Prepared Prose
1st – Freddie Pickford, 2nd Emily Berry and 3rd – Zaahidah Patel

Bible Reading
1st – Emily Berry

My Favourite Poem
1st – Hannah Berry, 2nd Zaahidah Patel and 3rd Rabia Karim

Sight Reading 9 and under
1st – Zaahidah Patel

Sight Reading 10-12
1st Emily Berry


                                                                                                                                                            Freddie and Hamaad

Emily Berry was also awarded ‘The Most Promising Young Performer’ award. Congratulations to all of the Westholme pupils.