German Trip to Rhineland


21 pupils from Year 8, 9 and 10 accompanied by Mrs Buckley, Miss Thompson and Mr Desai flew from Manchester Airport to Cologne to spend four fun-filled days on the River Rhine.

The group stayed in the beautiful town of Boppard and after unpacking and eating ice creams at the local Eiscafe, they spent the following day enjoying a river cruise and shopping in Germany’s oldest city, Trier.

German Trip 3 German trip

The following day, pupils appreciated more culture by visiting the beautiful village of Cochem. The group had a tour of the famous castle, bought souvenirs and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at the pool. The final day was spent at Phantasialand Theme Park where pupils experienced an array of exciting rides and watched shows.

German trip 2 German trip 4

The trip was a great success, the pupils got to experience German culture and had lots of opportunities to practise their German language skills. Fantastisch!