Commonwealth Games

Superskills compete in their very own Commonwealth Games!

Commonwealth Games was the theme for the second week of Superskills. On Monday the children were split into 3 teams, and given 6 sports challenges to compete in against the other teams.

Some of the challenges involved 100m sprint, shooting, rhythmic gymnastics, javelin, hurdles, tag rugby, long jump and diving.

IMG 3249 IMG 3263

                                       IMG 3272

One of the more unusual activities was making clay faces, a scavenger hunt and making tree heads.

IMG 3171 IMG 3197

                                       IMG 3191 

It was a close fought competition with the green team winning up to Thursday.

IMG 3253
The final day involved a team triathlon and the longest loom band challenge.

IMG 3224
An exceptional performance in the pool by Stephanie Atkinson nudged the red team into the lead and the red team were crowned the overall winners for the week.

IMG 3293