Contour Competition

Year 7 Contour Competition winners announced!

The Year 7 Geographers designed and made contour models in December.   The finished island had to show a number of geographical features, including a valley, a hill top, a plain and a steep and gentle slope using contours and layer shading.   As well as having to demonstrate a highly creative theme for their island, the girls also needed to include a scale line and compass rose.  

The entries were of a very high standard and it was obvious that a tremendous amount of time and effort had been put into their models.   Pupils created some highly imaginative themes which included a variety of animals from chinchillas to sharks, a number of Christmas theme islands and even an island inspired by the Twilight books!  

The results of the competition are as follows:

1st place – Charlotte Berry (7W)

2nd place – Jasmin Sharp (7M)

3rd place – Ute Schmitgen (7L)


Highly Commended

Niki Grant (7L), Eleanor Goodall (7W), Hannah Moodie (7M), Nancy Pinner (7M) and Emma Taylor (7W).


Fiona Anderson (7M), Hope Carr-Oddie (7L), Kate Davies (7W), Louise Jaitly (7M), Alexa McTiffin (7W), Cerys Stone (7M) and Rumi Sutton (7L).