Contour Competition

Year 7’s Creative Contours

Year 7 pupils have been very busy making contour models for this highly competitive annual event.  The standard this year has been exceptionally high and there have been some wonderfully creative entries, such as Chicken Dinner Island, High Heel Hide-out and X-Factor Island with a Lake Wagner, Cowell Cove and Matt Peak!  One model came with lights to illuminate the beautiful Butterfly Island and another entry was cleverly based on the local topography of Pendle Hill.

After studying the success criteria carefully, the Upper Sixth A level Geographers and Mrs Buckley announced the winners:

The Winner of the 2010 Year 7 Geography Contour Model Competition is West Island by Emily Cunane.  This is an amazing model in the shape of a Westie dog with a very thoughtful canine theme and superb attention to detail.

2nd Place was Unicorn Island by Stephanie Hannah.  This is an incredibly detailed model with wonderfully imaginative labels.

3rd Place was Skull Island by Elspeth Russell-Shuker.  This is a beautifully constructed model with the depth of the ocean shown as well as the height above sea level. 

Highly Commended:  Lucy Duffy, Olivia Forrest, Jessica Smith, Priya Tyagi, Eve Barker, Lisa Yates, Phoebe Collin, Francesca Moriarty, Megan Preedy, Rebecca Souter, Lois Westall, Katherine Sudell.

Commended:  Emily Cross, Geri Heaton, Sally Ralphson, Isobel Allan, Ramisha Younis, Layla Ahmed, Charlotte Harris, Elizabeth Sharples, Orlagh Tracey. 


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