Creating New Words

Students set the challenge to create new words

word comp oct 2013 w

When students were set the challenge to create new words which they thought worthy of entry into the Oxford English Dictionary, staff in the English Department were delighted to receive literally hundreds of entries.

Having narrowed these down to twenty five finalists, the winners were decided:

1st – Alice Crouch of 7W
Groody – an adjective meaning ‘in a very bad mood’ eg. “don’t be so groody!”

2nd – Sannah Akhtar and Eve Jones of LVI
Boomting – an adjective meaning ‘great’ eg. “have a boomting day!”

3rd – Jess Devenney Lees and Eden Ingoe of 11W
Byebrows – when a person shaves off their eyebrows in order to draw them back in.