Criminology Guest Speakers

Inspector Andrea Bradbury & PC Amanda Gibbons visit

Monday 25th November was a very exciting day for members of the Year 11 and 6th Form Criminology Course. Inspector Andrea Bradbury from Lancashire Constabulary Counter Terrorism Branch and PC Amanda Gibbons came to talk to the students about their roles and some of the cases which they have worked on. The mere mention of MI5 and SAS had the girls on the edge of their seats, fully engrossed in the accounts the officers gave. Discussions ranged from the September 11th attacks, to the London bombings and the work of an officer during a normal shift.

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The time passed too quickly and the students were incredibly disappointed when the talk came to an end.

We would like to thank both Inspector Bradbury and PC Gibbons for taking time out of their extremely busy day and coming to talk to us and really hope that they are able to come and visit us again soon!