CyberFirst Girls Challenge

By Olivia and Ellen.

When we signed up for this competition, we were looking forward to the energizing questions and challenges. We were really eager to start the competition and enthusiastic for the questions ahead. The challenge consisted of four categories: Logic and Coding, Networking, Cyber Security and Cryptography. Each category had Beginner, Intermediate and Expert questions. The questions were like riddles, they had hidden links in the text. Each question was diverse and challenging in their own way. The contrasting problems were unique depending on their divergent categories. The format made the website easy to navigate which was helpful when uncovering the questions too. Now that we have participated in this delightful challenge, we feel enlightened to partake in other competitions like this again. Mission accomplished!

Cyber First run competitions and courses throughout the year, two of our Sixth Form Students have previously attended the Summer courses and found them be be excellent opportunities for both learning and networking with businesses in the technology sector.